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'feminismartarthistoryyrotsihtratramsinimef' : letter to the west by Michele Elliot

'feminismartarthistoryyrotsihtratramsinimef' : letter to the west  2015

tracing paper, ink, transcription of 'feminism art art history' Feminisms catalogue essay by Nikki Miller, 1992 (with permission)

30 x 21 cm



In 2014, I met a young West Australian curator at a conference. We were chatting about the day, about art, history and W.A. I mentioned the 'Feminisms' exhibition that had been held at PICA in 1992; she said she wasn't aware of it. I came away wondering about where the histories and documentation of such events end up, and how we can pass on these histories to younger artists and curators. 


feminismsartarthistoryyrotsihtratrasmsinimef : a letter to the west is a transcript of the catalogue essay by Nikki Miller who curated Feminisms. The exhibition presented the work of twenty-seven West Australian women artists.


The title of the work is also the title of the essay as a palindrome, a kind of looking back to find a meeting point with its forward looking counterpart. It is typed on to tracing paper, as a looking through. I have included the original typographic errors and added some of my own. The essay installed reads from last page to first.


You can download a pdf of Nikki Miller's essay here: